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Sell More Tickets
Drive more revenue through authentic fan created content
Boost Authentic In-Market Content
Easily incentivize the creation of authentic content from your fans
Capture Sales and Content Data
Visualize and capture content being created by fans as well as sales they are generating
Unified Solution
Manage thousands of relationships at ease and deploy ongoing campaigns in a few steps

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Leverage your fans’ influence.

PromoShare connects global entertainment brands – sports teams, artists, event producers, athletes – with passionate local fan ambassadors and incentives organic UGC that increases engagement, revenue, loyalty and more.  

• Promote all of your events without sacrificing search engine optimization
• Reach new fans and generate new revenue through their peers
• Generate organic, authentic content through a third party giving their first person endorsement
• Reenergize old events and introduce new events too

A singular platform that increases revenue and saves time.

• Identify and segment your super fans into qualified ambassadors
• Visualize shared content in real time on one singular platform
• Reward top producers with incentives “at and away from the stadium”
• Manage thousands of relationships and engage top ambassadors in future campaigns
• Easily capture data and access archives for recap reports and analytics
• Full control of platform or full delegation to your personal campaign manager
• Integrate with existing CRM and ticket management software